Please note;
This web page is a copy of my blog and also has a link to the WebWindow file.
This page and the zip file will be deleated when version 0.02.0029 is released.

This version has spelling mistakes and code errors.

Download WebWindow exe file and text file with a list of the language spelling here.
Zip file last updated on  7/10/2009 - 10:30pm bst

 To set/reset the language from other languages, click on;
EnglishFile - Options...- Options edit - Browser (tab) - Browser language = Select language - O
French Dossier- Options...- Les options éditent - Navigateur (tab)- Langue de navigateur = Select language - O
German Akte - Wahlen... - Wahlen redigieren - Browser (tab) - Browserssprache = Select language - O
MalteseFajl - Opzjoni...- Opzjoni modifikat - Brawzer (tab) - Brawzer lingwaġġ = Select language- O
ItalianLima - Opzioni...- Le opzioni pubblicano- Browser (tab) - Lingua del browser = Select language - S

---- Copy of blog starst from here. ----


Help wanted to translate and check my foreign spelling for WebWindow.



Aidez a voulu traduire et examiner mon épellation étrangère pour assurer WebWindow.


German/Auf deutsch.

Helfen Sie wollte meine fremde Rechtschreibung auf WebWindow übersetzen und überprüfen.



Aijuta naqas lil ittraduċa u iċċekkja tiegħi grafija għal WebWindow.



Η βοήθεια θέλησε να μεταφράσει και να ελέγξει την ξένη ορθογραφία μου για WebWindow.

Italian/In italiano.

Aiuti ha voluto tradurre e controllare la mia ortografia straniera per vedere se c'è WebWindow.


Portuguese/Em português.

Ajude quis traduzir e verific minha soletração extrangeira para ver se WebWindow.


Dutch/In het Nederlands.

De hulp wilde mijn buitenlandse spelling vertalen en controleren WebWindow.


Spanish/En español.

Ayude quiso traducir y comprobar mi deletreo extranjero para saber si hay WebWindow.



Помогите хотел перевести и проверить мое чужое правописание для WebWindow.



Help wanted to translate and check my foreign spelling for WebWindow.


I have written and created the WebWindow application.

This is my all singing and dancing web browser.

(OK it can't sing, but it can speak)

The next version will display the text for the menus etc in different languages.

As I don’t speak any foreign languages (unless you count binary and Javascript as one)

I have used ‘Bable fish’ and on-line dictionaries to convert from English to your language.


So if anybody wants to check and correct the spelling please let me know.


As this is a free program I can not pay you, but can add your name to the credits if you wish.

You can download the next version with the spelling mistakes and the file that holds the spelling here. (

Then edit the spelling file and email it back to me.


The length of some of the words and sentences must not be longer than the English text as it won’t then fit into the buttons etc.


English and US English version OK and finished.

French version to check.

German version to check.

Maltese version to check.

(Maltese letters ĊċĠġĦħŻż are replaced by ~`{[]}¬¦ and displayed as CcGgHhZz)

Italian to check.

Portuguese to add.

Dutch to add.

Spanish to add.


Other languages.
As Visual Basic 5 only supports ASCII character sets and not Unicode, this program won’t work with the following alphabets; Greek, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Chinese etc.


---- End of blog copy. ----