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Secure web sites.
by Mark

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Posted on; 9/08/2018 - 12:39:56pm
Updated on; 9/08/2018 - 12:43:02pm
If you wish to view the WebWindows website on a secure site,
use the following address: https://agius.co/webwindow
Old address; Un-secureNew address; With certificate

by WebWindow programmer and web site master.

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Posted on; 31/05/2010 - 10:27:38pm
Updated on; 1/06/2010 - 8:18:24am

This page is under construction.

Please go to the old WebWindow blog page
at; http://webwindow.markagius.co.uk/blog


WebWindow is 15 years old.
by Mark A.

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Posted on; 22/05/2014 - 6:06:48pm
Updated on; 24/05/2014 - 6:42:07pm
WebWindow is 15 years old.

Over the last 15 years, more features have been added to WebWindow.
The latest version 3.20.0048 now lets the extra JavaScript code also work in frames and iFrames.

Want to list all your fonts with a bit of extra JavaScript?
If you don't then you can turn off the extra Jaavascript code 
or set privacy to not return private JavaScript values.

For a list of the new extra Javascript values see; 

For a list of WebWindow about commands and extra Javascript code equivalents see; 

Version 3.17.0044 ( 6/06/2013) of WebWindow is out.
by Mark A.

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Posted on; 19/06/2013 - 7:19:57pm
Version 3.17.0044 of WebWindow is out.

You can now display a page in IE7, IE8, IE9 or IE10 mode.
Company versions of WebWindow are now available.
More about: commands have been added.

For more information, see the new help file at; http://webwindow.markagius.co.uk/Help.htm#3-17-0044. 

Version 2.13.0040 (11/10/2011) of WebWindow is out.
by Mark A.

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Posted on; 11/10/2011 - 11:10:00am
Version 2.13.0040 of WebWindow is out.

You can now change the display scale from 10% to 1,000%
Get all new windows to open at the same scale as the last window or at 100% scale.
Added some more about commands and command line parameters.

Small change to the 'Set WebWindow as the default browser'
as the code used by Windows Live Mail changed on 6/10/2011.

For more information, see the new help file at; http://webwindow.markagius.co.uk/Help.htm#2-13-0040.

Version 1.08.0035 (10/10/2010) of WebWindow is out.
by Mark A.

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Posted on; 10/10/2010 - 10:30:00pm
Version 1.08.0038 of WebWindow is out.

If you have Internet Explorer 9 installed on your computer, then you can now run WebWindow in IE 9 mode.
(Open the options window, click on the Browser tab and set Browser mode to IE 7, IE 8 or IE 9.)

There is still one big bug with this version.
When in IE9 mode, viewing a HTML5 web page with frames or i-frames, the View menu will not open.
(If the page is not a HTML5 page or there are no frames, then the View menu will work as normal)
I hope to fix this in the next version.
So, if you are viewing a page and the View menu dose not open, set WebWindow to IE8 or IE7 mode and open a new window.
You will then be able to use the menu.

For more information, see the new help file at; http://webwindow.markagius.co.uk/Help.htm#1-08-0035.

Version 0.05.0032 (15/07/2010) of WebWindow is out.
by Mark A.

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Posted on; 18/07/2010 - 9:33:44pm
Updated on; 18/07/2010 - 9:46:56pm
Version 0.05.0032 of WebWindow has been out for a few days now.

New options;
If you hold down the 'shift' key when clicking on a favourites page, it will load in to a new WebWindow.
If you hold down the 'ctrl' key when clicking on a favourites page, it will load in to your default browser if not WebWindow.
The user-agent string displays the WebWindow version from version 0.4,
but on some operating systems this did not work.
User-agent will now display WebWindow version with all operating systems.

In the options window you can....
Get WebWindow to display pages as Internet Explorer 7 dose or Internet Explorer 8.
You can now set WebWindow as your default browser, so clicking on a web link in Outlook Express etc.
will load the page into WebWindow.
You can open the Internet options and Firewall settings window in the options window.
WebWindow comes with SourceEdit.exe for displaying/editing the web page source code.

SourceEdit.exe can only handle small web pages at this time,.
but is better than the Netscape or new Internet Explorer versions that don't let you edit the code.

The latest version of WebWindow. (0.04.0031)
by Mark A.

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Posted on; 6/06/2010 - 4:19:01pm
Updated on; 12/06/2010 - 4:20:32pm
The latest version of WebWindow 0.04.0031, out now.
    New or edited features are;
  • When searching from the main page, the search query (Eg. search?q=)
    will now be removed from the end of the url.
    The full address is still used when using the search box.
    This is because for a short time in May using Google,
    the following URL; 'http://www.google.co.uk/search?q='
    worked, but displayed the message 'Your search did not match any documents'
    as it failed to find any matches with ''.
  • You can now turn off the navigation error warning, in the options browser tab.
    Stop seeing or hearing all the annoying error messages on web sites with bad code.
  • The string 'WebWindow' and the version number is now added to the Java script navigator.userAgent string.
    So a web page can now check using Java script if it's being displayed with WebWindow or not.
      <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
         if(navigator.userAgent.indexOf(" WebWindow ")>=0){
            // WebWindow version 0.04.0031 or later.
      // -->
  • In the options window you can now set the icons to use with different files associated with WebWindows.
    There are hundreds of icons to choose from.
- Enjoy -

Windows Internet Explorer 8 dose not support about:home.
by Mark A.

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Posted on; 25/10/2009 - 18:30:28pm
All WebWindow versions from 0.00.0000
to the next unreleased version.
Copied from old blog.
With most browsers and Internet Explorer 7, you can go to your home page by using the url; about:home.
about:home is not supported with Windows Internet Explorer from version 8.
So if you have installed IE 8, about:home will not work with IE 8 or WebWindow.
If you have about:home set as your home page set in WebWindows options, then clicking on 'Home' will not work.
To get the 'Home' option working again;
  • Click on File, Options..., Options edit. (Or press Ctrl+O)
  • In the 'Program' tab in the 'Home page address' list, change it from 'about:home' to the home page address. (This should be the 3rd option down)
      If the page you wish to use as your home page is not listed then;
    Close the options window.
    Go to the page you wish to use as your home page.
    Open the options window again.
    The page address should now be in the 'Home page address' list.
  • Click on OK to set this as your new home page.

    In future versions of WebWindow, (after v. 0.02.0029) I hope to get WebWindows to alter any about:home URL's to the real home address.

  • Help wanted to check and translate English to other languages with WebWindow.
    by Mark A.

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    Posted on; 28/08/2009 - 20:45:17pm
    All WebWindow versions from 0.00.0000
    to the next unreleased version.
    Copied from old blog.
    The next version of WebWindow (Version 0.02.0029) will have an option to display the text in other languages than English.
    I have added American English, French, German and am adding Maltese.
    As I dont speak any foreign languages, (Unless you count Visual Basic, Javascript and binary as one)
    I have used Bable fish and on-line dictionaries to convert from English to the other language.

    So if anybody wants to check and correct the spelling please let me know.

    As this is a free program I can not pay you, but can add your name to the credits if you wish.
    You can download the next version with the spelling mistakes and the file that holds the spelling
    at; http://webwindow.markagius.co.uk/temp/nextversion.htm

    The zip file has two files in it.
  • WebWindow.exe (This has English, US English, French, German and Maltese text)
  • mod_Languages.txt (This text file is a copy of the code that holds all the text strings in all the languages)

    So if you can help, then please edit the mod_Languages.txt file
    and email it back to me at; WebWindow@markagius.co.uk

    Any and all comments and help are welcome.

    Added on 7/10/2009 ( 9:30pm gmt)
    I've finished adding the Maltese text and added Italian.
    All languages still need to be checked and edited.

    I've updated the zip file at; http://webwindow.markagius.co.uk/temp/nextversion.htm

    I hope to release this version this Saturday, with or without the language corrections.

  • Re: Why are some of the frame menu options greyed out.
    by Mark A.

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    Posted on; 3/07/2009 - 15:53:37pm
    WebWindow version 0.00.0026 Copied from old blog.
    Most if not all browses let you view the source code for the top page only with a view source code option above the main display.
    You can click menu over a frame to view the frame source code.
    But a web page can disable the mouse menu action with JavaScript or VBScript code.

    WebWindow will let you view the source code for the top page, any frame in the top page or a frame within a frame down to a depth of 250 frames.
    So you can always view the source code even if JavaScript has disabled the menu list.
    Click menu on this page to see the warning that the menu action has been disabled.

    So your question, 'Why are some of the menu frame links disabled?'
    View Source, View Frames and View Frames Sub frames will be disabled if the page or frame file dose not have any source code to view.
    If you have a GIF image file as a frame/sub-frame then there will be no source code, so the menu option will be greyed out.
    If you viewed a GIF file code, you would just see a lot of strange characters.
    GIF89a    jkhʄsso83.VTSyxuuutqpoxvt}uuqIFCWRK|~|sopzzwusqec
    _~|zA<:uxw   H@=mpnooloqp{}|^[UPNM{{yvpw~~qsr
    ś`a`y)('Ή^^^fff ,        #[Start of GIF file data only]
    Try dragging a GIF file from your hard drive into Notepad.
    If you load a GIF file into the top page with any browser then the menu 'View source' option will be disabled.

    If sometimes a frame/sub-frame link is greyed out but not always then the page that holds the frame may have changed the frame address from a html file to a file with no source code.
    <IFRAME SRC="HtmlFile.htm" NAME="myFrame"></IFRAME><BR>
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!--
      // Load new file into myFrame.
      this.document.frames["myFrame"].location.href = "Photo.gif"
    So you can view the source code from 'HtmlFile.htm', but not from 'Photo.gif'.

    Have a look at the source code that holds this frame.
    Then search for the frame address and type it into WebWindow address bar to load the frame only.
    In the above example, if the page address was 'http://www.adomain.com/dirname/subdirname/index.htm'
    then the frame address is 'HtmlFile.htm' or 'Photo.gif'.
    So type; 'http://www.adomain.com/dirname/subdirname/HtmlFile.htm'
    or 'http://www.adomain.com/dirname/subdirname/Photo.gif'

    If the frame is a html type of file but the file type extension is not one of the following,
    then please let me know and I'll add it to the next version of WebWindow.

    WebWindow HTML file types are;
    .htm, .html, .shtml, .mht, .ftp, .asp, .aspx, .cfm, .eml, ... etc.

    (See the latest help file for list of HTML file types supported)

    Why are some of the frame menu options greyed out.
    by Robert M.

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    Posted on; 2/07/2009 - 17:38:20pm
    WebWindow version 0.00.0025 Copied from old blog.
    Why are some of the frame menu options greyed out?
    If I click on view frames, some of the menu frames links don't always work.
    Why and how can I view the page code?

    Re: How do I add about:GMTdate to a page.
    by Mark A.

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    Posted on; 12/06/2009 - 21:51:20pm
    WebWindow version 0.00.0023 Copied from old blog.
    You can add any about: command to your page by embedding it into an in-line frame. (IFrame)
    Please remember that this will only work if your page is viewed with WebWindow.
    The HTML code is;
    <IFRAME SRC="about:GMTTime" NAME="wwDate" WIDTH="400" HEIGHT="24" MarginWidth="4" Scrolling="NO"></IFRAME>
    This code is used on the Help.htm page,
    and will display the date and time as below.

    Go to the help page (about:help) and click on view - source code.
    Then scroll down the html code to '0.00.0023 (10/06/2009 ..'

    If you want the clock to keep on displaying the current time, add the following Java script code;
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!--
    function updateingDisplay(){
      var newLocation = "about:GMTTime";
      this.document.frames["wwDate"].location.href = newLocation;
    // -->
    You can use this code with the other about: commands also.

    You should try not to use about: commands on your Web site as it will only work if your page is viewed with WebWindow.

    The Java script new Date() code may be a better idea.
    <DIV ID="myTime">
    <LAYER ID="myTime_NS">
    Javascript code not running...<BR>
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!--
    function updateDiv(){
      var tValue  = new Date();
      var tString = DateAndTimeFormat(tValue,"GMT");
        // I.E. and new Netscape versions.
        document.all["myTime"].innerHTML = tString;
      } else {
        // Old Netscape layer version that doesn't support DIV's.
      // Call this function again in X seconds.
    function DateAndTimeFormat(DateTimeValue,GMT_flag){
      // Call this function to return the date and time in my format.
      // Format = " d/mm/yyyy ( H:MM:SSam/pm)" or " d/mm/yyyy ( H:MM:SSam/pm gmt)"
      if(DateTimeValue==undefined) {
        DateTimeValue = new Date();
      if(GMT_flag==undefined) {GMT_flag="";}
      var year_val =DateTimeValue.getYear();
      var month_val=DateTimeValue.getMonth()+1;
      var day_val  =DateTimeValue.getDate();
      var HH_val   = DateTimeValue.getHours();
      var MM_val   = DateTimeValue.getMinutes();
      var SS_val   = DateTimeValue.getSeconds();
        var year_val =DateTimeValue.getUTCFullYear();
        var month_val=DateTimeValue.getUTCMonth()+1;
        var day_val  =DateTimeValue.getUTCDate();
        var HH_val   = DateTimeValue.getUTCHours();
        var MM_val   = DateTimeValue.getUTCMinutes();
        var SS_val   = DateTimeValue.getUTCSeconds();
      var AmPm_val = "am";
      if(HH_val>=12) {AmPm_val="pm";}
      HH_val = HH_val%12
      if(HH_val<1) {HH_val=HH_val+12}
      if(HH_val<10) {HH_val=""+HH_val}
      if(MM_val<10) {MM_val="0"+MM_val}
      if(SS_val<10) {SS_val="0"+SS_val}
      if(year_val<1200) {year_val=year_val %100;}
      if (year_val<=61) {year_val=year_val+2000;}
      if (year_val<=99) {year_val=year_val+1900;}
      if(month_val<10) {month_val="0"+month_val;}
      if(day_val<10) {day_val=""+day_val;}
        AmPm_val = AmPm_val+" gmt";
      return day_val+"/"+month_val+"/"+year_val+" ("+HH_val+":"+MM_val+":"+SS_val+AmPm_val+")";
    // -->

    How do I add about:GMTdate to a page.
    by Anonymous

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    Posted on; 11/06/2009 - 18:18:38pm
    WebWindow version 0.00.0023 Copied from old blog.
    What is the code I need to add the about:GMTtime command to a page with my text and images on?
    I can only get just the date string on it's own to work.

    Welcome to this blog about the WebWindow browser.
    by Mark A.

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    Posted on; 25/10/2009 - 18:30:28pm
    Updated on; 1/06/2010 - 2:59:32am
    All WebWindow versions from 0.00.0000
    to the next unreleased version.
    Copied and edited from old blog on 31/05/2010.
    This page is where you can post any questions and comments about the WebWindow browser application.
    Any one can post a question or message and any one can reply with an answer.

    Click on Display/hide message to display or hide that part of the page.
    To reply to a message or post a new message you must log-in.

    To log-in, click on Log-in or change name at the top of this page.
    You can log-in with any name and password, but should try to use the same one each time.
    If you can't remember your old user name and/or password, click on the 'Can't remember your password' link in the log-in box.
    For more information, click on 'If this is your first visit' link in the log-in box.

    Please try to keep your subject on WebWindow and keep the messages to a reasonable length.
    Off subject messages, adverts etc. will be deleted. (All IP are recorded and can be blocked)
    Repeated messages and long messages may be edited or removed from here.
    Any edited message will be marked as [Edited message].

    Before posting your question, please read this form as your question may already have been answered.
    Also check the Help.htm file for information on any bugs that may have been fixed in a later version.

    If you wish to send a private message that will not be posted here, then you can email it to; WebWindow@markagius.co.uk

    Hope you enjoy reading this page and enjoy using the WebWindow browser application.

    Yours Mark.
    Programmer of WebWindow and website master.

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