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Web Window

    WebWindow, Internet web browser.
  • This browser is built around Internet Explorer, so can handle any page that IE can handle.
  • WebWindow supports an extensive list of about:commands.
  • The WebWindow menu has some extra features not available with IE.
    Eg. Reading out loud a web page, copying the page image to the clipboard, displaying the source code from a frame or in-line frame or frame within a frame etc.
  • WebWindow supports tables, frames, i-frames, objects, apples, cookies, CSS, Java, Javascript, VBScript, PHP, HTML5, snap shots etc. etc.
  • You can run this browser in a number of different languages. (English, French, German, Italian, Maltese,....)
  • You can run this browser in a number of different modes from IE7 to
  • WebWindow supports tab windows from version 3.15.0042
  • WebWindow supports some extra JavaScript functions and values from version 3.18.0045 (See list of extra JavaScrit functions and values.)

    So please try out this free web browser.

WebWindow latest version;
Version number;
Version date;
Uploaded on;
If you're using WebWindow now, then click on
Help, About WebWindow, above to display
your version and the latest available version.
Download WebWindow  The latest version of WebWindow.  

For more information about this browser and the different versions, please see the version history page.

WebWindow has been tested on the following systems;
Operating system.Single monitor system.Multi monitor system.Extra JavaScript.Top IE mode.
Windows 95YesNot testedNoneIE 5.5
Windows 98YesYesNoneIE 6
Windows MeYesYesNoneIE 6
Windows 2000YesYesNoneIE 6
Windows XPYesYesNoneIE 8
Windows VistaYesYesVersion messages only
from version
(Must have IE8 or later installed)
IE 8
Windows 7All versions except
0.00.0011 to 0.05.0032
All versions from
All versions from 3.18.0045
(Not working in frames)

All versions from
(Also works in frames)

Must have IE10 or above installed.
(Windows 7, service pack 1 or later)
IE 11
Windows 8Not yet testedNot yet testedNot yet testedNot yet tested
IE 11
If you have any other Microsoft windows operating system, then please let me know if WebWindow works or not with your P.C.
For more information, download WebWindow and run program to see the Help.htm file.

  Click here to download WebWindow now.  

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